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Yves Van Landeghem is a planner in a Brussels based advertising agency - http://ief.typepad.com


Born in 1975, Yves terminated his childhood by studying psychology (fortunately, his major was consumer psychology and he managed to save a part).

After his studies and internships with both Censydiam (research) and Quattro (then DMB&B) he went on to get an MBA in marketing management at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management school (more destruction of childhood).

He stuck around Vlerick for another year researching interactive marketing and communication, and teaching the same subjects (do you see a trend here?).

Finally realising that the academic future was not for him (he could have figured that out 7 years before) he regained part of his childish interests while working as a brand strategist for The Reference.

Today he puts his curiosity at work for Saatchi & Saatchi on brands and companies such as Lexus, Carrefour, Visa, Palm, Rabobank.be, Brocom, University of Ghent, CD&V, Procter&Gamble, ...


Snow (combined with mountains, preferably) , books, graphic novels (or comics or whatever you want to call it), music (broad range, and like to actively experiment myself), advertising, youth culture, games, trendwatching, travelling, looking at people, wondering about people, thinking about ideas and where they come from, being curious in general...